Data Analytics

Public sector managers face large, complex, high-stakes problems. How do we successfully manage organizational change? How do we identify and engage stakeholders affected by public projects? How do we best measure and monitor performance? How can we assess the impacts and trade-offs of alternative management actions? Eight Leaves provides the data-driven insights and analysis to help decision makers confront complex public sector problems.

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Well-designed dashboards help decision-makers focus on what matters most. Good displays of data reveal the dynamics of complex systems. Need better reporting? We Do That

Social Network Analysis

Informal social networks determine how work really gets done in an organization. Mapping and understanding stakeholder networks is a critical step in planning large-scale projects. We help public sector managers understand the structure and dynamics of key social networks.

Decision Support

Public sector managers must make decisions in the face of insufficient and uncertain information. We provide a simple, integrated methodology for modelling complex systems and evaluating management actions and trade-offs.

Performance Measurement

Measuring the performance of public sector organizations and determining key drivers of performance are challenging tasks. We provide public sector managers a principled approach to both of theses challenges.

Eight Leaves provides the tools and thinking to help public sector managers deal with scale, complexity, and uncertainty.
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